How to Dress and What to Wear While Pregnant

Having a baby is yet another milestone in a woman’s life. Bringing life in this world is kind of awe-inspiring. A pregnant woman always has the baby’s best interest at heart. A mother does anything in her power to protect the baby from any harm and keep him safe and comfortable. However, the mother may forget about her comfort. But this should not be the scenario. A would-be mother should always be comfortable both mentally and physically. After all, a healthy mother gives birth to a healthy baby.  While pregnant, the thing that must top the priority list is comfort. Thus wearing the correct clothes during pregnancy is a necessity rather being a luxury. This article lists down some of the must-have items for a pregnant woman.

  • Maternity trousers:

Good pairs of maternity trousers are a necessity for every pregnant woman. Maternity trousers include leggings, joggers, or even loose fitted jeans. While choosing a maternity trouser, try and select trousers with drawstrings as this will provide extra room for the growing belly. The fabric must also be considered. During pregnancy, cotton becomes your best friend as they are soft and easily soaks up sweat and helps to keep you cool. So select trousers that are cotton made, if not cotton then jersey fabric will also do. Pair the trousers with a loose t-shirt or a sweatshirt, and it will give you a casual and comfy look.

  • Skirts:

Another piece of apparel that can provide comfort during pregnancy is a plain and simple skirt. Yet again, skirts should be worn that have preferably drawstrings. A pregnant woman must not select skirts that are too tight-fitting. An A-line skirt or wrap skirts which are cotton or cotton blend are ideal for pregnancy. But while selecting a skirt one should also keep in mind the length. The length should preferably be midi and not too long enough to eliminate the chances of tripping over. Skirts along with a long kurta will provide you comfort along with elegance to enhance your pregnancy fashion.

  • Maternity tops:

Tops that are loose fitted and long enough to cover the baby bum are good to go as a maternity top. Empire line tops or A-line tops are one of the few options that can be considered for maternity tops. Long tank tops are also available that are very much pregnancy-friendly since they are quite comfortable and are airy and light. Long and loose fitted T-shirts can also be a very good option to wear during pregnancy.

  • Jackets and Sweatshirts:

A pair of a light jacket or a sweatshirt should be kept handy as during pregnancy temperature fluctuations are quite common. A light jacket or a cozy knit sweatshirt will provide the warmth that one needs. A light jacket can also be layered upon a long tank top paired with a jogger and this will give you the ultimate day look to travel without letting go of the coziness that one needs during pregnancy.

  • Maxi dress:

A simple and casual maxi dress is perfect to match up your maternity glow. Select a fit-n-flare or an A-line maxi dress; this will surely give you the comfort as they are airy. Along with comfort, a good maxi dress is also perfect for a day look. Pair it a statement piece of jewelry, some shades or a sunhat, the baby and you will rock any ramp.

  • Shoes:

With the growing baby bump, a mother feels pressure in the leg. Hence, a good pair of shoes is very much needed during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you should always opt for flat shoes or slip-on sneakers as opposed to heels. Flats or sneakers will provide you the comfort along with a casual fashion statement. These shoes can also be paired up with any apparel you wish for.

  • Maternity bra:

Last but not the least, pregnancy demands for comfortable lingerie. A woman’s body drastically changes during this period. So, under-wired bras are a big no. Soft padded cotton bras must be sorted during pregnancy to provide the inner comfort and these are also very helpful after the baby is born for breastfeeding.            Pregnancy marks the beginning of another phase in a woman’s life, i.e., motherhood. So, it is all the way more important to start this phase comfortably and in style.

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