How to Dress Up Well for Fat Ladies

Curves are in trend. Plus-sized models are inspiring many plus-sized women to become more accepting of their bodies. Being fat or curvy is perfectly okay. One should always love their own body and should embrace their curves whole-heartedly and not continuously fuss about their body. When you have curves learn to flaunt them. However, not all curvy ladies find their comfort and fuss about what to wear to look well. This article looks forward to helping out these ladies and making their life a bit easier. 

           But before selecting apparel, you should have a perfect idea of your body. Observe the regions in your body where fat concentration is more as compared to the other parts. In doing so, you will be able to sort the area that you want to hide and the areas that you want to flaunt. This observation will help you to select dresses that will perfectly suit your body type. Here are certain tips that you follow while shopping. 

  • Choose the correct lingerie. The first thing you should keep in mind in selecting the correct set of lingerie. Select a bra of the correct size. The bra should not be too tight as this will result in a spill and make the top look heavy, and if they are too big this will make you frumpy. Also if you wish you can select good shape-wear. The shape-wear will help you accentuate and smooth out curves. As for the underwear, you should select supportive underwear. By choosing the correct lingerie, will give you not only comfort but confidence from within. 
  • Stripes are your best friend. You, who want to play with prints, should opt for stripes while selecting top wear or even bottom wear. Stripes help to give you a tall look and will distract attention from your curves. Don’t opt for horizontal prints as this will make you look fat and bloated. Also if opting for floral prints, go for small prints as compared to large prints. Large prints give the impression of being bloated. 
  • Opt for solid colors. Along with the stripes, solid colors are also your go-to option. Choose pastel shades for the day look and something dark shade for the night look, and you will surely be able to be the showstopper at any event. In fact, for the day look you can also go for more vibrant colors like red or green.
  • A waistline that matters. Select pants that have a high-waist line rather than being mid-waist or low wait. This will surely enhance your curve and makes your waistline look smaller. Wear high-waist jeans or trousers and you will more than comfortable to flaunt your curves. You can also choose a high-waist skirt to oomph your look.
  • The cut of the pants. While choosing a pant, go for boot-cut pants as this will help you shape your leg more without attracting too much attention to your bust. Don’t select parallel trousers or palazzos as this will make you look frumpy.  
  • Accessorize correctly. Accessories also play an important role in achieving the perfect over-all look. However, selecting your accessory is based on apparel. If the clothing is basic, then accessorizing will add a pop to the look. Go for bold earrings, or a smartwatch or even a floral scarf will work wonders for your look. But if the outfit is loud, accessorizing should be minimalistic. 
  • Go for layers. Team up a pair of high waist jeans with a tunic and layer with a piece of statement jacket or a shrug, or pair denim with a dress; layering will revamp your look completely. 
  • Go for flattering shoes. Plus-sized women must go for flattering shoes. Opt for ballerinas, mules, or even pumps and heeled boots; the shoes will surely flatter you and will take your style statement high up several notches. 
  • Highlight distinctive body parts. Plus-sized women should always highlight the body parts they are most confident about. This can either be the shoulders, the waist, or even the legs. Just wear the correct clothing that brings out the best of you. 

          Although these tips will provide you some insight and help you to dress well, the key thing that will help you to rock any attire you wear is confidence. Curves are nothing to be ashamed of and if you have it, you should flaunt it!!

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