How to Find The Perfect Jewelry To Suit Your Face And Skin Tone?

A variety of jewelry at various price points is available in the market. It could be confusing what to choose to suit your face, neck, and skin tone. You need to know a few things outlined below to find the best jewelry piece that suits all of your needs be it a wedding, leisure trip, functions, or office going.

Easy ways to find your skin tone

  • You can easily find your skin tone by identifying the color of your skin. If the veins are blue, your skin tone is blue. Your eyes are likely to be brown or light blue if your hair color is dark brown, blonde, or black.
  • People with greener veins usually have warm skin. The color of your eyes could be hazel, green, or bright blue and your hair color could be light blonde or red.
  • You could fit into a neutral skin color tone if your skin color is not red, olive, or espresso.

Selecting the right jewelry matching your skin tone

  • After identifying your skin tone, you can find the best jewelry color and gemstone to suit your occasion. Blue, red, and purple color gemstones are the best for people with cool skin tones. Tourmaline, ruby, and garnet fall into the red stones category. The variety of blue gemstones is aquamarine, topaz, and blue sapphire. On the other hand, the purple stones category includes sapphire, fluorite, and amethyst. People with cool skin tones can use white gold or silver.
  • People with warm skin tone can select yellow or gold stones such as yellow sapphire, zircon, and citrine. Warm skin tones also match with green and orange stones. Green stones comprise peridot, jade, and emerald. On the other hand, moonstone, imperial topaz, and spessartite garnet fall into the orange color.
  • People with all skin tones could use diamonds.

Right pearls for your skin tone

Pearls are available in three shades (silver tint, rose tint, and white). People with cool skin tones can choose rose-tinted and white pearls. Silver tinted pearls are recommended for people with warm colors.

Select the right jewelry for your face

People with round faces can select long necklaces that lie low on their chests. They can also select angled and long earrings (trapezoids or rectangles) to enhance their beauty and attractiveness. People with oval faces can select any style of earrings or necklaces. Chandelier or hoop earrings suit the oval faces.

Short necklaces are the best for people with heart-shaped faces. Necklaces with trinkets or pendants are ideal for square faces. Short hoops or choker necklaces are the best jewelry for people with diamond-shaped faces.

Attract others with bold jewelry

You can wear bold jewelry to attract others to certain body parts or keep their looks away from your body. People with larger bodies can choose bold color jewelry. Likewise, people with blue-colored eyes can select gemstones such as sapphire or blue topaz. Red gemstones such as ruby and garnet are ideal for people with brown eyes.

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