Engagement Dress Ideas for Women/Bride

A wedding is one of the important life events that happen in a woman’s life. All the women dreams and plan for that “perfect day”. But no matter how modern the woman is, she tends to follow a traditional route while selecting that perfect attire for that perfect day. But still, there’s one ceremony where there’s a scope of jazzing up things a little. Yes, ladies, you guessed it right, it’s- ENGAGEMENT!! Engagement marks the beginning of a new phase in a women’s life. Thus, while sliding in the ring that makes your heart spikes, selecting a glam look is all the way more important to make the day even more perfect. Engagement attires give you the scope to play with a wide variety of looks, styles, and attires; from classic traditional to elegantly modern. But amidst all the chaos of organizing and planning for that “perfect” day, it can be quiet complex to select the engagement outfit. So, to take some burden off and make life a tad bit easier, here are some ideas helping you to choose your ideal and dream outfit:

  1. Saree:

Sarees, being classic, yet never actually goes out of trend. This is the most traditional outfit that one can opt for and any woman does look spectacular wearing one. However, over time, there have been many developments and alterations in the traditional design of a saree. Some of which are listed below:

  1. Traditional saree:

Nothing beats a classic, beautiful brocade Benarasi saree. Be it the wedding or engagement, you’re bound to have a gorgeous royal look. So if you wish to opt for the royal feeling, this is your call!

  1. Gown saree:

Want a modern yet elegant look. Look no further, this is the one for you! The simple combination of a free-flowing gown and a fancy saree gives it a bold look that one can opt for.

  1. Saree with pant:

This can be perfect for millennials or those who love to experiment. Super stylish, chic, and no need to mention the ease of movement that this provides and hence super comfortable. Glam things up with bold pieces of jewelry and you’re good to go. 

  • Lehenga: 

We women love to wear lehengas for pretty much all the occasions. So no need to mention that this ensemble plays a huge role in engagement as well. Here are some ideas that can be suitable for the bride in her engagement: 

  1. Cape style:

The flamboyant cape style blouse is very feminine but also chic. Either pair it with a flared lehenga or a mermaid style, this works both ways. This trend is appropriate for the 21st-century brides who don’t shy away from the limelight and wants to make a style statement. 

  1. Light lehenga:

We all know that lehengas can be damn heavy, and hence sometimes be uncomfortable to wear for a long time. So this style is for those who want the best of both worlds- the elegance and drama that a lehenga provides and the lightness and comfort of maybe sweatpants and T-Shirt!! Millenials this should be your go-to outfit for the engagement.

  • Engagement gowns:

Ladies if you want to ditch the traditional path of a saree or a lehenga, this should be your call. Engagement gowns come in a wide range of styles, fabric, and designs. So here is a list of some gowns that you can choose for your engagement:

  1. Gowns with a flared bottom:

Who doesn’t heart a fairy style wedding? If you too, want to get engaged in a Cinderella-style manner, then look no further!! This is the one for you. Swirl and twirl in this gown to give you that princess-like feel.

  1. Brocade gowns:

This adds up to give you the all glamorous Indian look with a western touch. Vibrant colors and intricate detail works are perfect to look like the diva she hoped for in her dream engagement. 

So here are some ideas that any woman can opt for their engagement day. With the perfect outfit, glammed up the look, and the perfect jewelry you’ll be ready to slide in the ring. Oh, yes, not to mention you’ll be camera-ready too!!

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