How to Dress Up Well Everyday for Women

After waking up and deciding upon the day’s chores, the first thing that comes to mind is “what should I wear?”. Psychologically saying, dressing up well everyday helps in boosting confidence. We are much more active and confident for the day that is to follow. But dressing well every day can be tiresome. Various factors come to play while selecting a dress to wear and to wreck your brain every day for deciding this is tiring. But it is evident and also important for you to dress well every day so that you acquire the confidence that you so well deserve. The following suggestions provided may sort to seem to be useful. 

  • First thing first, find your fit. Observe your body type. Each body has a definite shape, be it hourglass or pear-shaped. Select attires that fit and are ideal for your body type. Accentuate the regions of your body that you are comfortable with and try and hide the areas that you are not. Flaunt the areas that you find the most attractive. For example, if you have an apple-shaped body, flaunt your shoulders and bust whereas if you have a pear-shaped body, flaunt your waistline by wearing something with a cinched waist. Thus finding your perfect fit is the key to having a perfect look every day. Unfitted clothes give you a sloppy appearance which does not go good to boost confidence.
  • Stock up basics. Every woman must have some staple items in their wardrobe. Stock the closet with these basics. It can either be a few pairs of jeans or joggers, or can be T-shirts and shirts, or even skirts, these classics will give you the ground to turn the basic fashion to something extraordinary. Start by choosing a basic outfit and build your look surrounding this by enhancing it with accessories or layering.
  • Buy clothes that can be mix-matched. Shop for clothes that serve multiple purposes and can be mix and matched to give you a new look every alternate day. 
  • Go for layering. Buy a third piece of fabric for layering. Choose a shrug or a blazer or a waistcoat and layer the basic outfits to get a casual chic appearance. Select the layered item according to your fit. Choose cuts and lengths of the fabric that accentuates the curve of your body and makes you look glam. Don’t opt for baddy layers as they will make you sloppy. 
  • Pair prints with solids. Prints should never be worn with another print or pattern. Opt for contrasting solids. For example, if you wear black-n-white striped trousers pair it with a solid white T-shirt. Prints can be trendy but too much print is a big no!! Make sure that the overall appearance is balanced and gives a cohesive feel.
  • Buy clothes complementing your skin tone. Buy apparel that best compliment your skin tone. However, if a color compliments your skin tone but you do not like the color then you should not go for it. Wear colors that you are comfortable in as a great deal of dressing nicely involves you being comfortable in the things you wear. 
  • Plan your outfits. Contemplate the day ahead and plan your outfit accordingly. If it is a day at work, go for formals (trousers and shirts) or semi-formals (jeans and shirts), or if it involves a casual day out select something casual like jeans and a T-shirt or a skirt and a top, but always choose according to your day ahead. 
  • Include different styles. To dress well and also look different, you should try a new look. Along with the basics and your go-to style, try new looks and styles. Experiment with colors and shades and prints and patterns. Include different styles that you are comfortable in and also flaunt your figure and bring out the best in you. Not only in clothing but you can also try a new look with different make-ups or hairdos!!

                  Fashion is everything about depicting oneself through clothing. Thus the dresses that you wear every day should symbolize the characters that are a part of you or are the main features. The dresses should bring the best out of you and make you feel confident and comfortable to achieve what you aspire for from that particular day. 

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