How to Improve Dressing Sense for Women

Fashion is a great way to express oneself. Fashion depicts your special characters, features, and attitude. By playing with trends and clothing one can finally understand the statement that suits you the best. In this era of glam, selecting your fashion statement can be quite unnerving and confusing. But you should not blindly follow a trend but be reasonable enough to find out your comfort zone. The main thing that enhances one’s fashion sense is personal comfort and vibe. Fashion and women are two sides of the same coin. Women are very particular about the dresses that one wears. But ladies, it is also necessary to upgrade your fashion statement. Here are a few tips that might be able to relax your nerves. 

  • Choose your vibe: 

Two people do not have similar vibes. So their fashion also differs. The first and foremost thing one should consider while upgrading their dressing sense is to identify their vibe. Ladies, next time you idolize a celebrity or even your mate for their good looks, observe what attracted you the most. Your vibe can be either street style casual, or sophisticated and elegant and more feminine, but whatever it may be, do not forget that it is your vibe; decide based on your comfort. Depending on your vibe, build your wardrobe accordingly such that the apparels are cohesive. 

  • Screen the Wardrobe

Let’s face it; we all have many items in our wardrobe that are simply lying in one of the corners. Before going out shopping and building your cohesive wardrobe, it is necessary to clean the closet to make space. Keep the items that match your cohesive fashion statement and discard or donate the others. Cleaning your wardrobe will help you to move on and be experimental and in turn, upgrade your dressing sense. 

  • Start with Basics. 

Some basic items should always be present in your collection. These basic items include a pair of jeans, a few T-shirts, shirts, etc. Select these apparels according to your fit and style. These basic apparels can be decked up in any way possible, either by layering or accessorizing and this uplifts the ordinary look to the extraordinary level!! 

  • Play with Colors.

Colors play an important role in upgrading one’s dressing sense. Ladies, if you want to upgrade your dressing sense, then you surely need to play with different shades. Be bold and vibrant, or choose calm shades like pastels or nudes, or simply mix them up, choose from various prints, from floral or animal prints, just play according to your strengths and comfort. 

  • Choose outfits according to occasions. 

Ladies, you should always try and dress according to the occasion. Dressing according to an occasion helps in building up your fashion sense. For example, if you are dressing up for work then see the work environment or the dresses that the higher managers wear and dress accordingly. This will help your colleague to take your considerations seriously. Or if you are going out for a casual meeting, understand the ambiance the venue demands, and dress accordingly. With various occasions comes in different fashion requirements, which in turn will surely upgrade your fashion sense. 

  • Accessorize properly.

There should always be pieces of accessories in your wardrobe. Sometimes a single piece accessory is all you need to have a complete look. Upgrade your watches or belts, or even bags, or add scarves and sunhats, and this will oomph up your fashion sense. 

  • Select the correct shoes.

Shoes make a difference in the overall looks that you put together. Shoes can easily transform your casual look to something dressy or just simply keeps the look casual. Thus, a pair of casual and dress shoes are a must in the wardrobe so that you can easily swap between being dressy and casual. 

               Improving fashion sense can be quite tricky and overwhelming. But start with small steps, from basics, and slowly work your way up to indulge in more vibrant colors or prints. Follow and understand fashion trends. Observe people who according to you have good fashion senses. Observe all the trends but don’t follow blindly. From your observations, understand your vibes and needs and upgrade accordingly, cause you should always bore in mind, that fashion should always be unique that depicts your persona. Dress to express and not to impress!! 

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