What to Wear and How to Dress Up Well as a College Girl

College marks the transition phase in a girl’s life. A girl comes out of her protective shell that she lives in during her schooldays and faces the world. It also marks the transition of a girl into a woman. During college days, a girl strives to be more independent, gains knowledge, and make new friends. All this growth and changes require a girl to put their best foot forward and dress in a way that expresses the way she is.

              Dressing up for college does not necessarily mean that you should wear sloppy clothes and clad yourself in baggy pajamas or sweatpants because comfort does not mean sloppy. You should wear something in college that oozes confidence and style while beholding the college decorum. Herewith a few ideas for you to consider while dressing up for college. 

  • Try Minimalistic.

The best time-saving way to dress up for college is to try your hands at something minimalistic. Go for chic and minimalistic statements. Pair a T-shirt with a pair of fitted jeans or jeggings, along with sneakers and you have a comfortable chic look. You can also wear your t-shirts in a half tugged way to give you a hipster look. 

  • Layer things up.

While in college invest in a few layering items. This will beneficial for both the winter days as we as give you a casual chic look. Invest in shrugs, blazers, and jackets. Wear a skinny jegging along with a tank top and throw in a striped shirt or a denim jacket over the tank top to give you the ideal casual look for college. You can also accessorize with a silk scarf to give your look an elegant edge. 

  • Dresses can be also ideal.

Dresses can be also worn to colleges, provided the dress length is not too short. Wear a midi or a maxi dress and it does suit for a casual day in your college. Moreover, you don’t need to think much about the look. Just slip on a simple and cute dress, pair it with flats or even sneakers and you are ready for college.

  • Quirky and edgy attires.

Yes, you should go for quirky attires as well. Pair a T-shirt with distressed jeans or pair a solid shirt with a printed trouser and you will have a bold fashion statement that is on par with a college decorum. You can even sport a leather jacket or a biker jacket or a bomber jacket to give you a feel of the runway at the college campus. You can also pair a bohemian printed palazzo with a shirt or a buttoned-down top to have a bohemian feel.

  • Dungarees and Jumpsuits.

These two dress options are also ideal for a college setting. Flaunt a loosely fitted dungaree to have a hipster casual look or wear a basic jumpsuit to have a light elegant touch. Both these attires can be paired well with either flats or sneakers, daunt on some shades, slide over a tote or a backpack over your shoulder and you are ready to rock the college for the day.

  • Sweatshirts. 

These are ideal for the transition phase between summers and winters. The sweatshirts are not too fitted so it provides comfort and coziness and these can be paired with any bottom-wear. Some sweatshirts are front open thus giving the option to layering. Thus, sweatshirts are a must-have for every college going girl. You can also wear a sweatshirt with a button-down shirt along with skinny fit chinos to give you a preppy chic look.

  • Comfortable shoes.

You need to be ready to do a lot of walking (or even running, sometimes) while in college. So it is necessary to invest in some good quality shoes that will keep your feet comfortable amidst all the walking. Buy shoes that provide comfort and not just-style. Invest in sneakers, flats, and ballerinas. Try and avoid heels as they might make your movement limited. So, invest in good quality shoes that are super comfy and smart.                    Dresses play a great role in boosting one’s confidence, and since the start of college marks the beginning of a new journey it all the way more important to dress properly to provide you the zeal and confidence. Furthermore, dressing up well every day for college will mark the beginning of the day brightly and with ease.

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