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Resistance Bands 3-Piece Set Fitness Rubber Bands Expander Elastic Band For Fitness Elastic Bands indoor yoga Exercise Equipment


✦ Ideal for lower body accessory movements.
✦ Slim, stronger and get the perfect butt shape!
✦ Relive pressure by stretching with our wide hip exercise band.
✦ You’ll not only get your butt warm, but your Entire Body Ready to Perform!
✦ Resistance bands for leg and butts exalt the hip and modify the legs, shape a beautiful figure and relieve the pressure and fatigue effectively.
✦ Use these amazing loops bands for All Workouts, such as P90x, Yoga, Pilates, Lifting Beach Body workouts, Deep Squats and so on.

✦ Product name: squat resistance belt
✦ Material: polyester + latex silk
✦ Uses: Used to train buttocks, thigh and calf muscles, as well as body balance, enhance the core strength of the body.

✦ Advantage:
✦ Deep squat resistance takes pull force big, rebound flexibility is good, deep squat is the best action that raises leg ministry strength, still can promote systemic strength very well, the first selection that develops leg ministry muscle, promote systemic muscle growth, improve cardiac function. Squat down to strengthen your heart. Practice squats regularly to make your heart stronger.

✦ Size:
Width: 8CM
Perimeter: 76cm
resistance level:18~60LBS (light)
resistance level:30-90LBS (Medium)
resistance level:45-150LBS (Heavy)

Package include:

” (Light Green-Light)

(Light Gray-Light)



(Dark Grey-Medium)



contains:(What color the buyer chooses what color we will send)
✦1pc * squat resistance belt

“2pcs set A/2pcs in 1set B/2pcs in 1set C/2pcs in 1set D/2pcs in 1set E” contains:
✦ 2pcs *squat resistance belt(Color as shown in the picture)

“3pcs in 1set A/3pcs in 1set B/3pcs in 1set C ” contains:
✦3pcs *squat resistance belt(Color as shown in the picture)
✦1*Mesh bag (style random)
✦1*instructions book


✦Before placing an order, please choose the correct size according to your own situation; Because resistance bands of different colors have different resistance levels.

✦There could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item;

✦Please allow 1-2mm differs due to manual measurement

✦If there is any problem with the product, please contact me before you leave a comment, I will do my best to solve the problem for you.Thank you for your understanding.

Additional information

Type of sports

Strength Training



Training Site

Legs, Hip

Department Name



Pull Rope

Model Number

103863/104829, Resistance band


Comprehensive Fitness Exercise




Lake Blue/Pink/Purple/Black/Gray


rubber bands for fitness


fitness band